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Hi, I’m Jeff Woods.

I’m an award-winning real estate investor, business owner, entrepreneur, and wealth coach. My team and I created the C.A.R.E. pack community to help others achieve financial freedom through real estate investing & business.

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Are you unhappy with your current job? Do you wish that you could earn more while working less? Would you like to fire your boss and take back control of your work life? You’re not alone. I recently read an article that stated 47% of Canadians weren’t happy with their jobs. I know that when …

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CAP Rate: What Is It? How To Calculate CAP Rate, and more…

  I am often asked by my new clients that are just starting out in real estate about CAP rates…they see them all the time on MLS in realtor listing….But are not sure what they are, how to calculate them, and why they are important. So I decided to make this video and blog post …

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