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This Is Just Another Way We Add Value To Our Members

We appreciate you spreading the word about the C.A.R.E Pack

So, we want to show our appreciation to those of you that have told others about C.A.R.E.
If you wish to become a C.A.R.E Pack Brand Partner all you have to do is continue to refer your friends, family, & Connections. If they join the C.A.R.E pack as a Pro annual member we will show our appreciation as follows:

*Refer 1 person: You will receive a $25 gift card at chapters or a copy of The Ultimate Wealth Strategy

*Refer 3 people: You will receive an annual subscription To The Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine

*Refer 6 people: You will receive a $500 gift card to Home Depot

This is just our way of saying ” THANK YOU” & another way we constantly strive to add more value to our members. We truly C.A.R.E. about your success.
* To qualify for the Brand Partner Gifts the new members you refer must sign up as a Pro annual membership.

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