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"You have two choices; you can either move forward into growth and greatness or you can retreat backward into the mediocrity of your comfort zone. Success lies in moving forward even though it is often very uncomfortable" - Jeff Woods

Dear Friend,

Think of the last few goals you achieved.

They each took some time and effort, right? Of course, that's what we've all come to expect.

But there IS an easier way. A short cut, if you will. Simply by mastering the vital disciplines that are the foundation for success.

In celebration the launch of our new group "THE C.A.R.E PACK" ;a goal we're very proud of reaching - we want to reward you, our newest member for your hard work and dedication ... by making it easier than ever for you to become part of the pack...

Remove 'hard work' and 'mediocrity'
from your vocabulary

You see, by spending just a fraction of your time focusing on the right disciplines, you'll automatically set yourself up to achieve goals faster, and, some might say, with little effort. You see when you become part of our pack we teach you to work smart not hard!

It's the difference between fishing with a rod and reel
and fishing with a giant net trolling behind your boat.

Today, many of the great minds in personal development, real estate, & business are giving you the Essential disciplines you'll need to cast your widest net possible and set yourself up to accomplish virtually anything you want.

And once you discover and implement these disciplines, everything comes together. That's when you feel complete. That's when you stop thinking of what you can achieve next...

... because your entire life becomes an extraordinary achievement.

Set yourself up to go further faster

We've provided resources to help our C.A.R.E PACK members improve their lives.

In honour of our launch, we're giving you a unique opportunity to join our pack and discover everything you need to buy back your freedom and live your life on your terms. Here is just a few of the many things you will gain by uniting with THE C.A.R.E PACK today:

  • Confidence: Gain it, and it practically carries you to your goals
  • Multiple Streams Of Income: Just like the wealthy, you too will have an abundance of money flowing to you so that you never have to worry about how you are going to pay the bills
  • Education: learn how to buy all the real estate you want with none of your money
  • Passion: It separates the ordinary from the extraordinary
  • Investment resources: Information, critical forms, support tools and much more!
  • Referrals: For your current business, products, and services... not to mention the new ones we will teach you to create
  • Discipline: Those who have it live better
  • Access: You will have access to our power team of real estate & business professional
  • Teamwork: Greases your path to excellence. Together everyone achieves more
  • Time Management: Get more done in half the time
  • Networking: Meet likeminded individuals and surround yourself with people that will lift you higher than you ever dreamed possible
  • Character: Who you are determines what you become
  • Discovery: Learn new wealth building strategies
  • Growth: Crush your fear and move out of "the comfort zone"
  • Communication: The right words translate to an incredible life
  • Freedom: The power and ability to do what is right and loving!
  • Giving: As Zig Ziglar says, "You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."

These C.A.R.E PACK member benefits build on one another to help you form a complete life that's nothing short of extraordinary. Because once you focus on these disciplines, your goals of wealth, health, leadership, and family are achieved ... one after another.

We've packaged these Essential elements- PLUS a host of other life-enhancing ideas, real estate strategies, and insights into your members area- in what will soon become your most treasured resource.

We call it The C.A.R.E PACK (Correct Action Real Estate). This Remarkable pack was created to Make Your Life Extraordinary. Real estate is the tool... Financial freedom is the result.

YES I AM READY TO BUY BACK MY FREEDOM. I want to master the Essential disciplines that will enable me to achieve far more with minimal effort and time. I’m ready to BECOME PART OF THIS AMAZING PACK

An opportunity:

Imagine having a golden ticket to the greatest personal development, real estate, and business event of your generation. And you can use it any day and any time you choose.

You enter and sit front-row center. Without a warm-up act or filler of any kind, Jeff Woods suddenly appears on stage. Every sentence he speaks is pure gold. He maps out the perfect plan for you to create the life you always wanted.

And as soon as you jot down a few notes, he exits the stage and tosses the microphone to another amazing real estate investor. Again, She wastes no time and delivers only her best real estate buying strategies. She knows your time is valuable.

And just when you are at the edge of your seat wanting more, she exits stage left. Before you have time to applaud, Another member of our "power team" teaches you all you need to know about raising capital and getting bank financing.

For hours, one successful investor after another shares his or her most coveted success secrets, key ideas, strategies, action plans, and real estate insight! Each boiling down to the key elements that will most impact your life.

It's true. Your golden ticket DOES exist...But you never have to wait to attend...You have instant access to all the information, documents, support tools, real estate and business professionals you will ever need! JOIN NOW

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Created with your dreams in mind.

Before we put The C.A.R.E PACK together, we collaborated with the very people who know what it takes to achieve - YOU, our customers.

And you voiced your ideas and preferences loudly and passionately. We packed the membership area full of the content you wanted and the experts you wanted to learn from.

Here is what some of our current members have to say:

When I first met Jeff I was amazed at the knowledge he had and the professionalism he displayed. At the time, I was a beginner in the investing world. Over the course of the next few months, Jeff helped lay a solid foundation for me to start investing in real estate. His methods for teaching are excellent and he was always very patient with me. Currently, I have just bought my first income property and I'm on my way to financial freedom! I would recommend Jeff and his company to anyone that is looking to start their investing career
Corbin Gold. Niagara Falls, ON

Real estate investing can be very complex with a steep learning curve. I am grateful that I found "the WAM team". They are very professional & efficient at every level. Their support team, systems, membership site, and coaching have helped me with every aspect of investing such as, mindset, market research, legal, real estate strategies, accounting, raising capital, construction and things I didn't even realize needed done. The only thing left for me to do was count my money! I currently own 7 properties and cannot wait to buy my next CASH FLOW property.
Scott Rendall. Hamilton, ON

My wife and I “got in the game” recently by purchasing our first rental property. We didn’t want to sit on the sidelines any longer. For years Jeff had been trying to get us to get in the rental business. What prevented us, was uncertainty and fear. Jeff guided us and coached us along the way as we purchased our first rental property. He took the time to explain and teach us how to proceed with our first purchase. His advice, information and wisdom was of great help as we embarked on this new venture. We are now looking forward to purchasing our second rental in the near future.
Paul Losier. St Catharines, ON

Joining the C.A.R.E pack has been the best investment I have ever made. The modest fee's have been returned several time over and the relationships I have formed have been priceless.
Joe King. Thorold ON

Jeff's Correct Action Real Estate Coaching program was probably one of the best decisions we have ever made. Real estate investing can be a very intimidating process but following with Jeff's program and advice has allowed us to get involved quickly and confidently. Knowing we have someone there to answer questions has been priceless. We recommend WAM Properties C.A.R.E Pack to everyone we talk with that are interested in getting involved with real estate investing.
Adam & Devon Bate. Halifax, NS

As you can tell, The C.A.R.E PACK is unique. This incredible investment gives you:

  • Real estate & Business experts sharing their most prized and proven ideas
  • The Essential that will propel you even further on the path to total life success
  • Critical forms, agreements, support tools, and so much more

And right now, This offer is even MORE extraordinary. Because to celebrate our launch and in the essence of helping people achieve their goals and realize their dreams, we're making the membership available to you at a modest investment

Invest Now

Your investment is ridiculously low investment in your education. The C.A.R.E PACK is a resource that you will turn to time and again for years to come - discovering new insights, ideas, secrets, and strategies every time you enter the members area.

Invest Now

Our goal has been to create wealth not only for ourselves but also for those around us.

Because we're offering this extraordinary program at such a deep discount in honour of our opening launch, it won't be available for long. Join today before the go up!!!

Invest now, while its ridiculously low....

Jeff Woods

P.S. Having so many successful real estate investor, business professionals, entrepreneurs, and amazing people in one pack could cost thousands! I am positive that when you join and take action on everything you learn; you will agree that this is the best investment you ever made.