Do You Have These 4 Qualities? If Not, You Will Struggle

Canadian Real Estate Wealth: 4 qualities you must have to be a
successful Real Estate investor

Watch this video to discover if you have what it takes to become a successful real estate investor. It’s short and to the point…But if you are willing to implement what you learn your life will never be the same again.


This month I was privilege & honored to be featured in the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine. The article is titled… An investor in Ontario Turns $9,000 into $10.6 Million.

As I read that article I was deeply humbled…and I began to reflect upon my journey.


I started out as a broke college kid with over $30,000 in debt, bad credit, and no family or friends to bail me out because most of them were worse off than I was…

I am often asked how I went from such humble beginnings to where I am today and so as I reflect back on my past I found that there are 4 main qualities that I have and that other successful entrepreneurs have that has contributed that has contributed to my success.

  • A STRONG burning desire: You see where I was in my life I had to succeed. My back was against the wall… I only had 2 options…. Either I was going to succeed or I was going to die trying…That’s it. And faced with death or success most people tend to succeed. I see way to many people that are stuck in their comfort zone and full of excuses that hate their life and their job….wondering why they can’t seem to create a life they love…..The simple truth is they don’t want it bad enough and it’s easier for them to blame the government, society, or their parents for the results they get in there life. It takes courage to accept 100% responsibility for your results…but once you do it’s liberating as well because now you know that if you created the mess your in than you also have the power to change it…. If you have a strong burning desire you can and will turn your dreams into reality.


  • Definite goals and a proven plan to achieve them: Most people lack vision….they do not know what they really want in life and wonder why they never progress in life. I worked on creating and writing out my clearly defined goals on a consistent basis and I wrote them over and over again. I even displayed them where I could see them and read them on a consistent basis. Once my goals were clearly defined I went out and found the best books, courses, mentors, and coaches that have accomplished what I want and I simply followed their proven system…. every day…every week….every month…In fact I am today and will continue to consistently take action in pursuit of my goals and dreams. If you are not growing you are dying!


  • A relentless work ethic: How often must you work towards your goals and dreams?….Well how bad do you want it? If you have a strong burning desire to achieve your goals you will happily work relentlessly to achieve them….you will work as long as it takes. For me it is a lifelong process. I am constantly striving to learn and grow. When you become better you do better!


  • A “power” Team: The fastest way to failure, frustration, fatigue and failure is to try and do everything yourself. The “self made man or women” theory is bull shit. You get to decide what your goals and dreams are…but from there…if you ever want them to become your reality you must build your Power Team. Surround yourself with amazing people that are better at certain tasks than you are and delegate those tasks to them. Great real estate investors and entrepreneurs know how to leverage other people’s time and money.


That’s It….If you master those four things you will turn your dreams into your reality. I hope you found this helpful. If so please subscribe to my You Tube channel for more great videos.


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Until next time REMEMBER  Financial Independence is not a matter of chance it’s a matter of choice!

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