Hate Your Job? Feeling Stuck At Work? Read This Now…

Are you unhappy with your current job? Do you wish that you could earn more while working less? Would you like to fire your boss and take back control of your work life? You’re not alone. I recently read an article that stated 47% of Canadians weren’t happy with their jobs. I know that when I worked for someone else I hated it! And the day I resigned was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It was liberating.

Recently one of my coaching clients was telling me about how much he hated working for his current company. It’s not that he’s having a bad week or a hard day, it’s been years of dissatisfaction, feeling unfulfilled, underpaid, not appreciated , taken advantage of, no time, told what to do, when he could do it, and with who. He feels like a slave and he is afraid to make a change. Can you relate to any of those feelings?

With his daily commute, office hours and the work that lingers after work, he spends 10 to 12 hours of his day miserable. He agonizes over the fact that he is wasting years of his life doing something he doesn’t care about. And to make matters worse he has missed several important family events and memories because he had to work…

He is compromising his health, happiness and relationships for a small pay check. He is overwhelmed and stuck in fear, resistance and uncertainty. This is a true story and if you aren’t in this situation, it might sound dramatic, but it’s real. It’s real for my coaching client, and for so many Canadian employees, and it was my reality too.

Here are a few things we worked through at our coaching session and I thought they would be helpful for you to consider if you hate your job and are looking to create financial independence and freedom…

  • Don’t measure your worth by what you do. And if you want to earn more you need to serve more…

    If you measure your worth by what you earn, how you contribute financially or what your title is, you may lack clarity on what you really have to offer. You are worth so much more than what you are currently being paid. Your value as a person is not tied to your job. If you are waiting for your boss to pay you what your worth stop wasting your valuable time. Think about something you are passionate about and use that passion to serve as many people as you can. The more you serve the more you earn.

  • Comfort kills dreams

    Just because you are good at what you do doesn’t mean you are supposed to be doing it. Just because you are comfortable and familiar with your current job does not mean you stay there until you retire. In fact all the successful people I know work on things they love and will never retire. When you do what you love you never work a day in your life.

  • The higher you climb the corporate ladder the more stuck you may become

    Don’t make the fatal error that moving up will resolve everything for you. The more you earn at your current employer may simply result in you having fancier toys and a better life style that becomes increasingly harder for you to support financially and makes it harder for you to pursue your dreams because you begin to have this false hope of job security and you will be afraid that you won’t be able to maintain your lifestyle if leave your job. Rather than focusing on moving up in a company that you don’t like, work on a side passion project and build that in your spare time. That’s what I did. As I was working at my dead end day job rather than wasting time and energy on moving up the ranks I devoted my resources towards becoming a real estate investor and built a large real estate portfolio.Once my portfolio replaced my income from my day job I resigned and grew the company even bigger. Now I love what I do… No one controls me…I get to choose who I work with… I’m not stressed… I have no cap on my earning potential… and I have the freedom to spend time with family and friends doing what I love.

  • Help others by helping yourself first

    You tell yourself that you are staying at your job to support your family, but aside from dollars in the bank, are you supporting your family? How are you taking care of your body, brain, heart and soul so that you can offer your best self to support the people you love? Your work-style and lifestyle are connected. They support each other, or they don’t. Is your current job a pay worth your life? If not, you need to consider other options. If you are in a negative job environment it can have a negative effect on your health I understand you may not be able to just quit your job on the spot and I would never recommend that. But you need to start working on a plan that will give you a better quality of life because when your better you can do better… And serve more people. The crazy thing is when you serve more you also earn more so switch your focus from trying to “Make” money… And focus on serving and you will “EARN” more as a result.

  • There is no such thing as job certainty or security

    Your job and all of the benefits that come with it aren’t any more certain than what’s on the other side of giving your notice. The way to get more certainty in your life is for you to have more control over your life. Invest in yourself education. You are the best investment you can make. I’ve said it before but it’s worth saying again “when you know better you do better”.

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